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When there is death, there is also life.

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Jul. 5th, 2010 | 01:16 am

So, congratulations and happy engagement Ken and Angel!  :)


In other words, I've been doing much better than on Friday. The wake is till Tuesday thereafter it's the funeral itself.  My uncle was in a lot of pain before he passed away so when I saw his body in the coffin, he looked so peaceful it was unreal that he passed away in a painful manner.  I haven't been this emotional or upset about a death in a very long time.  I am rather surprised myself because I'm usually quite composed when it comes to things like that.  

I suppose even when the hospital and doctors told us to be prepared and to be on standby, we were still very upset and not as prepared.  Life is so fragile, isn't it?  I always wonder about how unfair it must be for my grandma to see her sons go before her.  Personally, I believe this shouldn't be the way of life but we need to bow and accept the fact that we are not dictators of life.  I have been taught and brought up to believe that things happen for a reason and a greater purpose, that all things happen at the best timing according to a higher power for a greater purpose.  To this day, while certain questions still remain, I do believe that our timing is never the best.

Even more so, I believe that a person's life is determined by God and there really is nothing we can change that fact.  I may not understand why such a good person has to leave young or why evil people just do not die when they should but everything happens for a purpose at His perfect timing.  It's very strange because my late uncle has a rather complicated life.  With his passing, we reconciled with his daughter (my cousin) whom I haven't seen in a very long time (say at least 10 years) and things are just, haywired, I suppose.  But we'll get them sorted out.  The strong bond of this brotherhood thing between my father and my uncles is something I've always admired them for.  This will tide them over and bring things to pass, I suppose.

While the family and I are still mourning, I hope your prayers and your hearts are with us.
Goodnight. x

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